Brainwave Technology

Take your brain to levels you never thought possible and get ready to Gain Emotional Balance Peak Performance Spiritual Awakening Boost Intelligence Prosperity and Abundance  Feel and Sleep Better

The Gnos Physica Empowerment Program

Using the right soundwave frequency, this technology can be enjoyed by you, right at home with some headphones. Our state-of-the-art soundwave audio tracks use various types of HZ combinations to fine-tune your brainwave state. We provide you access to multiple soundwave audio tracks, each developed for a specific goal you want to attain. The result? A new and improved you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Harvard Medical School has been one of the pioneers in scientific studies of the benefits and healing impact of meditation. What they have discovered is that relaxation can change the chemistry of our bodies.

Like with the Law of Attraction, a manifestation is where your thoughts and your energy can create your reality. If you are constantly being negative and feeling down, then you are going to attract and manifest negative energy. The key is to feed your mind with desired outcomes, replacing negative thoughts in your subconscious with positive thoughts.

Marilyn Schlitz, Ph.D., and lecturer at Harvard, says, “It’s clear from the correlational studies within the epidemiology data that positive relationships exist between religious and spiritual practice and health outcomes on a variety of different conditions.” Moreover, she says that in a study and confirmation study on intercessory prayer, “the prayer groups had statistically significant improvements in outcome, suggesting that the intervention has clinical relevance.”

What is Brainwave Therapy? Brainwave Therapy is a safe and natural approach to healing and self-improvement. It has been used by millions of people to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, improve sleep, enhance the effects of meditation, and promote feelings of relaxation, tranquility, and inner peace.

  • Businesspeople in need of better focus and creativity in their work.
  • Athletes wanting to attain peak performance in their sport.
  • Students seeking to boost cognitive skills to improve thinking, reading, learning, reasoning, and better focus.
  • Couples needing to experience deeper love and acceptance in their relationship
  • Individuals wanting to connect to the divine God of the universe

For best results use headphones and close your eyes during your session. Take slow, deep breaths. Within the first 5-7 minutes your brainwaves will adapt and you should feel a change. Please do not listen to our soundtracks while driving or doing anything that requires your full attention.