Kokoro Scientific

Kokoro is a Japanese word connecting mind, body and spirit. The concept of Kokoro encompasses what a person thinks, feels, and would like to express. Kokoro Scientific is a one-stop online boutique specializing in anti-aging development and therapies. It is our opinion that when one has optimized their mind, body and spirit, they can truly live and sustain their most abundant and best life. This is the next generation for longevity. We invite you to be a part of it.

Tony Bosch, Co-Founder, Biochemist

Tony Bosch has an undergraduate degree in Respiratory Care and a graduate degree in Allopathic Medicine with a concentration on Reproductive and Molecular Biology. He received his Doctorate from Belize Medical College

He has worked in the Cardio Respiratory, Embryology, Genetics and Biochemistry fields for over 25 years and has been educating physicians on Functional Medicine Protocols for the past 5 years.

"Tony has helped over 5,000 clients and especially over 300 professional athletes achieve optimal performance while prolonging their careers by keeping them healthy and injury free."

He opened his first Bio identical Hormone Replacement clinic in 2004 and pioneered the industry in South Florida. Through years of clinical applications and research, he developed a passion and expertise in Peptide Therapy and Cellular Regeneration developing cutting edge protocols with beneficial patient outcomes, allowing for optimal physical and cognitive performance.

Joe Garcia-Rios, Co-Founder, Brainwave Technology Developer

Joe began competitive sports at the age of seven with martial arts. He lettered in three varsity sports in high school and eventually taught and owned a martial arts school in Miami, Florida with his best friend. After college he competed in powerlifting, placing first in several tournaments including Southern States and setting a Florida squat record in his weight class. However, he found his biggest challenge when he started his Wall Street career. He realized early on that he was competing against the brightest minds. He immediately embarked on a journey to improve his cognition in order to improve his performance. Of utmost importance was achieving optimal focus, memory and split-second decision processing.

"Joe has produced over 700 IQ Room sessions, an educational video podcast series. His curriculum includes Think Better Trader Smarter segments which includes training in brain exercises, nutrient, guided mediation methods, patterning techniques to develop positive habits for better outcomes."

He has received several industry awards and recognition from large financial institutions including Franklin Templeton Group and Oppenheimer Funds. He is a recipient of the Trade Titan® award placing him in the top 1% ten consecutive years. Joe is the founder of the Gnos Physica Empowerment Program, an app that combines frequency entrainment, guided mediation with positive affirmations in a series of soundtracks. He is passionate in sharing his knowledge and experience for those seeking to reach their peak performance. Joe lives between Miami Florida and St. Kitts and Nevis islands in the Caribbean West Indies.